Q. How many miles of sewer line is within the NGCSD boundaries?

A. 175 miles

Q. What is the largest mainline pipe size?

A. 36 inches

Q. What is  the smallest main line pipe size?

A. 6″ (Gravity) 1 1/2″ Low Pressure Sewer

Q. How many lift stations do you have?

A. 14 lift stations

Q. If I have a problem with my service line, whose responsibility is it?

A. The service line is the responsibility of the homeowner from the house to the tap on the main line.

Q. My house has a grinder pump. What should I avoid putting dow the drains or toilet?

A. Eggshells, harsh cleaning fluids, non-biodegradeable, heavy duty paper towels, feminine hygiene products. You should also have it checked annually by a qualified technician.

Q. I live in the community of Mesa Del. How often do I need my septic tank pumped?

A. NGCSD has a record of the pumping of Mesa Del Tanks. If you think you might have a problem, NGCSD crews will inspect your tank.