Wastewater & Safety

Q. What happens to the wastewater? Where does it go?

A. There are miles of sewer pipe that carry wastewater from homes and businesses to the treatment plant where it is processed and treated to meet Federal and State water quality standards before being discharged or reused.

Q. How does it get reused?

A. Reclaimed water is sent to Green Valley Lake for ground water recharge and pumped to other locations within the community for turf irrigation.

Q. How is the water processed and treated?

A. The wastewater goes thru a multi-step biological process, a filtration, and disinfection process before it is discharged or reused.

Q. Is the water safe for reuse?

A. Yes, we have an ADHS certified laboratory on site that monitors the water on a daily basis. It is tested for total coliforms, e. coli, pH, dissolved oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorous, and many other compounds. These testing results must be reported to ADEQ. The effluent meets class A+ water quality standards.

Q. Will the water harm me, my family, or my pets?

A. No, The effluent meets or exceeds the established standards for class A+ water and is safe for reuse. However, the ADEQ rules do not allow for direct consumption or full body contact.

Q. How can I use Gray Water around my home?

A. Click Here for a brochure from Arizona Department of Envirnomental Quality about Using Gray Water at Home.

Q. How should I dispose of unwanted household products and chemicals, such as paints, cleaners, antifreeze or motor oil?

A.  It is harmful to dispose of these materials into the public sewer system through your home plumbing or drains. Gila County Landfill accepts some of these items and has special events throughout the year for others.  Contact them at 928-476-3350 for further information.

Q. How should I dispose of outdated or unwanted drugs or pharmaceuticals? 

 A. These should not be flushed or otherwise disposed of through your home sewer plumbing.  The Payson Police Department (928-474-5187) and Gila County Sherriff’s Office (928-474-2208) both have programs to help you safely discard of these materials.

Q.  Can I connect my gutters or yard/foundation drains to my sewer service lines?

A.  The connection of any source of water other than from your home’s internal plumbing system is strictly prohibited.