Step 7 – Final Effluent & Reuse of Effluent

High quality effluent is captured at the end of the treatment plant through an effluent pumping station on site. Portions of the treated effluent are used throughout the plant as an alternate water source. The pumps send the water via pipeline to the Green Valley Lakes. At the Lakes, effluent is percolated into the ground to aid in groundwater recharge of the underground water supply. The Park area is also irrigated throughout the warm weather season.

Effluent is also removed from the Lakes by means of additional pumps and sent to various reuse customers for use as irrigation water. The Payson Golf Course, Payson High School, Chaparral Pines and the Rim Club Golf Courses are just a few of the recipients. The District distributes about 95% of it’s available high quality effluent to various reuse sites within the community. Doing so has alleviated demand on the Town’s underground water reserves within the local aquifers.